University of Iceland

Complementary Fund for the Infrastructure Fund (Rannís)

When applying for grants from the Infarstructure Fund (, applicant has to have complementary funding for part of the application from the Institutions involved such as University of Iceland. 


NOTE! (where applicable). It is important that consultation with Division of Operations and Resources (Byggingadeild) due to costs incurred for the installation of equipment before applying.

•Application: Requests for matching funds sent to the Division of Science and Innovation (, well before deadline. A copy or draft application should follow. Also, the application details of contributions (if applicable). Note. The University of Iceland complementary contribution is subject to WAT payments (unlike the grant itself from the Innovation Fund).

•Grant: After receving positive answer and making a contract with The Infrastructure Fund, the applicant should contact the Division of Science and Innovation ( and ask for the transfer of the grant. The application shall be accompanied by information about the project number in the University of Iceland budget or an applied Institution, such as The Science Institute. A copy of the contract with Rannís should accompany.
•The Division of Finance will transfer the grant.
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