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The UI’s Research Fund – Travel Grants



The Board of the UoI Research Fund announces grants for travel expenses. The grants are intended for travel costs regarding conferences abroad in 2019. The applicant is expected to have a a presentation (or other academic contribution) at the conference he/she applies for. It is also possible to apply due to travel costs regarding courses or summer schools abroad in 2019. However, the general premise for the grant allocation is that applications due to courses or summer schools come secondary to applications due to conferences, and that the former mentioned are dependant on if the fund has enough financial flexibility to allocate in that regard. In other words, academic participation in a conference (presentation, poster or other academic contribution) is a key element of prioritization for the grant allocation.


The application deadline is May 1st 2019. The application period accounts for the whole calendar year of 2019.

Applicants must attend to the annual course registration in March each year to be eligible for applying for the travel grant. The main criteria for the grant is an accepted abstract or other kind of an academic contribution at a conference; a proof of registration for a course or a summer school along with a short description on how the participation benefits the student‘s PhD studies (200 words MAX).

If the conference programme is not ready in time for the travel grant application deadline, or approval of the student‘s academic contribution, then applicants are asked to give as detailed information as possible on the nature of the conference in application form. In such cases a grant can be awarded, but is conditioned on the Division of Science and Research receiving better information on the conference and/or a valid confirmation of the student‘s academic contribution. The allocation of grants is subject to approved abstracts (or other proof of the student’s contribution) at the conferences. For conferences attended before or during the application period, the confirmation of the student‘s contribution is to be submitted with the application. The same generally applies to applications for courses or summer schools abroad in regards to registration, and information thereof.

The amount of the grant is 100.000 ISK for the calendar year 2019.

The application form and guidelines are available on the Icelandic page.

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