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The University of Iceland Research Fund

The aim of the University of Iceland’s Research Fund is to strengthen research within the University. 

Deadline for applications for the Research Fund is October 10th 2017.

About the application form:

The application form is in Icelandic but you can use english guidelines for the appropriate fields. It is not necessary to turn in a list of publications since the evaluation is based on the annual reports (from 2012-2016). For further information, please contact Sólveig Nielsen (solveign@hi.is) for assistance.

Administration of grants for the UI’s Research Fund
Grants from the project section of the Research Fund are transferred to the project number given by the applicant in her/his application. Please go to the respective School’s office for new numbers. Grants to applicants whose accounting is with a University Institute with independant finances are transferred to the respective institute that manages transfers to grantees.
The following work units within University administration administer to individual grant items:

  • Assistants’ salaries - Payroll
  • Payment of expenses and services  – Division of Finance

Grantees whose accounting is with the University of Iceland are asked to turn to the respective work unit for allocation of grants. Grantees whose accounting is with Institutes must contact the institute’s administrative office.

Þú ert að nota: brimir.rhi.hi.is