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Procedures for a doctoral grant

Grants are awarded for one, two or three years and are paid monthly in advance. The sum of a grant is ISK 425.000 per month (2019). A payment contract is made with the University of Iceland Division of Science and Innovation on the one hand, and between the supervisor and the student on the other. Grants from the University of Iceland Eimskip Fund are paid from Landsbankinn, but the University of Iceland pays grants from the University of Iceland Research Fund and trust funds. Grants are either transferred directly into the student's bank account in which it is the student's responsibility to manage taxes and other fees, or an employment contract, based on the grant contract, is made between the student in question and School / Institute administration, thus the grant being paid in the form of salary.

The general requirements for a doctoral grant are as follows:

• The student must be properly registered in a doctoral programme and register every year.

• The student must be studying full-time (although it is permissible to perform sessional teaching for part of the time covered by the grant, up to a maximum of 20% employment).

• The student must submit an annual progress report to the board of the fund in question (by 15 January each year). This also applies to those grant recipients who no longer receive monthly payments from the funds, but rather only the last one.

• The last monthly payment is withheld until after the doctoral defence. It shall be paid when the Division of

Science and Innovation receives a copy of the thesis.

Further information is available from the Division of Science and Innovation Office (svavarst@hi.is)

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