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The Össur and Ottobock Research Trust Fund at the University of Iceland

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The purpose of the Össur and Ottobock Research Trust Fund is to fund basic and applied scientific research and entrepreneurial projects in the fields of sophisticated neurostimulation and prosthetic limbs.
The Fund is an international competitive fund and will be open to researchers and students conducting research at universities, research institutes and companies all over the world.
The Fund was founded at the University of Iceland using financial contributions from the companies Össur and Ottobock.
Össur and Ottobock are amongst the world’s leading companies in the field of prosthetics and support products. They invest extensively in research and development. Össur was founded in Iceland in 1971 and is based in Reykjavík. Ottobock was founded in Germany in 1919. Both companies have extensive operations all over the world and, through the creation of the Fund, wish to promote the development of high-quality technology used to increase people’s mobility and quality of life.
Board of the Fund

  • Hilmar Bragi Janusson, Dean of the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences at UI, Chair
  • Kristín Ingólfsdóttir, Professor of Pharmacy and former Rector of UI
  • Þorvaldur Ingvarsson, Managing Director for Research and Development at Össur
  • Bernhard Graimann, Head of the Department of Translational Research and Knowledge Management at Ottobock
  • Ebba Þóra Hvannberg, Professor of Computer Science and Vice-President of the University Council is an alternate board member.

Leading Prosthetics Innovators create Historic Trust Fund

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